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About the issues:

Caroline Cassard recalls her time working on a farm in Maryland, plus she includes a perfect morning pick-me-up, Sweet Potato and Fresh Ginger Muffins. Chef Orianne Cosentino reflects on time spent cooking with her young daughter and how it has transformed them both. She shares one of their favorite recipes, Ham and Artichoke Pizza with Ricotta and Basil. Writer Fiona Symington-Mitchell introduces us to 18 Reasons, a non-profit community kitchen in San Francisco that’s working to build community through food. These recipes and so many more are waiting to be enjoyed and shared with your favorite people.

When writer Jane Nelson learned she’d no longer be able to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, she set out to reimagine her favorite fresh dish, Summer Corn Salad, into one that she could enjoy, East Hampton Corn Pudding. Simona Carini shares a recipe for Fasula Batuta and introduces us to a California bean farmer who inspired her to begin cooking and appreciating fresh, dry beans. Anna Hezel shares a recipe for Grilled Doughnuts, an ingenious way to “freshen up” day old doughnuts passed down by her grandmother. That’s just a taste of the stories, recipes, and tips & tidbits inside.

Jonathan Shipley introduces us to his 11-year old daughter, an adventurous eater whose tastes go beyond your average fare, luckily he’s up for any challenge and shares his game-changing breakfast recipe, Lemon Pound Cake French Toast. Katy Severson gives us a sneak peak into her days working in April Bloomfield’s New York City kitchen where she learned to “taste” in terms of other people’s palettes and shares her recipe for Mac & Cheese. After years of avoiding mushrooms, Sylvie Morgan Brown decided it was time to take on her fears by making Mushroom Marsala. Caleb Zigas introduces us to Veronica Salazar, a cook on a quest for an authentic taste, and shares her recipe for Pozole Blanco. Artist Leah Gauthier invites us to taste a piece of history along with a sip of her Floral Strawberry Float. Those stories and more are waiting to be devoured inside this issue devoted to taste.

Gather round as photographer Yossy Arefi takes us on a blackberry hunt with her father and ends the day with a blackberry and rhubarb pie; Miranda Rake reminisces about her annual holiday brunch where recipes are clipped, gathered, and stored throughout the year in anticipation for the main event—and it wouldn’t be a party without her mom’s homemade cranberry liqueur; and Michael Harlan Turkell interviews two chefs, Alex Raij and Chris Cosentino, about how they gather inspiration for their next dish. These stories, recipes, tips & tidbits, and more!

*wondering what a "fresh" is? Issues 13-19 are considered our "fresh" issues. Think of them as our latest and greatest.
-each issue has more content, 96 pages, full of stories and recipe—no ads!

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